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Fetish Con Gallery

The images in this gallery were taken at the 2007 Fetish Convention in Tampa Florida. At this convention you will every type of fetish you have heard of and many you have not.  Everyone has heard of foot fetishes and things like wearing women's underwear, well let me be the first to tell you that kind of stuff is child's play at this convention. You will see all kinds of demonstrations of how to tie up and bound people, the proper way to electrically shock someone, and of course "Pony Play" a practice I still don't see what the appeal is.  The people at the Fetish Convention were very nice and more than willing to pose for pictures, which is something we like here at Nsane love so we will try to hit another when we can. Be sure to click on the gallery to enlarge it and you can control the slide show speed with the controls that will appear at the bottom.

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